In order to fulfill the school motto “Seeking for the Spiritual Environmentalism as the core value, to foster leaders and outstanding talents with compassion and wisdom, serving the communities, promoting cultural and national development, exploring and reflecting the future vision of humanity” deliberately established the Mind-Life & Environment Forum, shortly known as MLEF.

The instructors of MLEF includes the combination of (1) Chair, (2) Co-Chair, (3) Lecturers (could be solely conducted by the chair, or collocated professional guest speakers to teach) . Furthermore, the workforce will be based on the student population in order to deploy the amount of teaching assistance (served by the PhD and/or Master’s students) to carried the tasks such as lead team discussion, course photo capturing and video recording, uploading learning resources, gathering learning evaluations, manuscript editing and publishing and so on. Nevertheless, due to the vast selection of lectures for publication, the manuscripts are separated into volumes.

In terms of Buddhism, the PSE means “pure mind, pure action, pure sentient beings, pure land”, it might be simplified to Míng Xīn Jìng Jìng (Illuminating the Mind & Purifying the Environment). In addition, We can also refer it as the oriented expansion of the Four Immeasurables minds (Maitrī, Karuṇā , Muditā, Upekṣā) of Buddhism (No boundaries, liberal arts), and turn into a so-called “wave-like circumferential radiated” path of Míng Xīn Jìng Jìng, which will cope with the “Life, Community, Society, Environment” or “Mind, Life, Society, Environment” themes. Hence, various themes for MLEF will be established just based on such model.

In spite of promoting the spiritual environmentalism had many directions, if everyone can start with the life education, reinforcing the family education, school education, social education, and even in long term cultivating and sprouting the seeds of mind with right view and right faith, thence it will form a firm PSE learning basic.