105 Academic Year’s MLEF

Course Briefing

Forum Details

Speaker Title
Shì Huì Mǐn 1. Mind and View of Life in Buddhism 【VIDEO】
Shì Guǒ Huī 2. Orthodox Chinese Buddhism and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Gū Cóng Yú 3. Mapping the Mind and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Ní Jìn Chéng 4.Developing Ecological Communities:Obstacles of Shaping the New Urban-Rural Connectivities Movements【VIDEO】
Chén Měi Huì 5. Retrieving the Relationship between Mankind and Land: Through Ecotourism and Environmental Education to Initiate 【VIDEO】
Liào Jiā Zhǎn 6. Our Dream’s of Fogs and Butterflies : Establishment of Ecological Town at Puli【VIDEO】
Wú Shùn Lìng 7. Life Aesthetics【VIDEO】
Guō Huá Rén 8. Paradigm Shift of Agriculture: from Inertia to Organic【VIDEO】
Liú Xiǎo Rú 9. Biological, Ecological and Sustainable【VIDEO】

Practice Teams

Team Practice Area Report Title
One Jinshan Old Street Jinshan Old Street
Two HuangQing Roadsides From Dependent Origination viewpoint to introspect the SanShengYiTi
and future progression of HuangQing Roadsides
Three HuangGang Accompany HuangGang to Regain Glamorous

Overall Review