104 Academic Year’s MLEF

Course Briefing

Forum Details

Speaker Title
Shì Huì Mǐn 1.1. Overview of the Buddhist Studies and Protecting the Spiritual Environment
Huáng Xìn Xūn 1.2. Overview of the Environmental Learning Park Planning
Cài Bó Láng   2. The Theory of Mind and View of Life in Indian Buddhism 【VIDEO】
Liào Běn Shèng   3. The Epistemology of Tibetan Buddhism 【VIDEO】
Shì Guǒ Huī 4.1. The Dharma Drum Lineage of Chinese Chan Buddhism【VIDEO】
Shì Guǒ Guāng 4.2. The Economics of Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Dù Zhèng Mín 5.1. Buddhist Informatics and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Hóng Zhèn Zhōu 5.2. Digitizing the Buddhist Resources and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Yù Zhào Qīng   6. Live Out Our Spaces【VIDEO】
Yáo Rén Xǐ   7. The Introspective Essence of Construction【VIDEO】
Shì Huì Mǐn 8.1. Life Sciences and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Huáng Xìn Xūn 8.2. Briefing of Environmental Learning in Practice
Jiāng Míng Xiū   9. Developing Civil Society and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Yú Yòu Huá  10. Environment and Symbiotic Development【VIDEO】

Practice Teams

Team Practice Area Report Title
One Environmental Management Campus Ecological Restoration:Repopulating Firefly as an Indicator
Two Environmental Education DILA’s as a PSE Campus:Action Research in Environmental Education Implementation
Three Environmental Protection Venerate.Pure.Serene
Four Environmental Facilities DILA’s Environment and Equipments for a PSE

Overall Review