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107 Academic Year’s MLEF’s Speakers

Speaker Title
Yáng Pèi 1. Protecting the Spiritual Environment and Caring for Humanity【VIDEO】
Xǔ Rén Shòu 2. livelihood and Life 【VIDEO】
Huáng Róng Cūn 3. Protecting the Spiritual Environment and Contemporary Education【VIDEO】
Xuē Chéng Tài 4. Taiwan’s Social Changes and Population Ageing【VIDEO】
Yáng Wén Shān 5. Retrospect and Prospect of Taiwanese Families 【VIDEO】
Yáng Níng Yīn 6. Middle-Old-Aged Manpower Activation and Silver Economy
Chén Lì Guāng 7. Variety of Ageing:Muse, Element and Paradigm【VIDEO】
Huáng Shèng Jiān 8. From End to Start, Starting from the Heart 【VIDEO】
Chén Liàng Yǔ 9. A Value-based Healthcare System of Super Aged Societies 【VIDEO】
Zhān Huǒ Shēng 10. Expounding the Fairness and Justice of Societies 【VIDEO】
Shì Guǒ Qì 11. The Buddhists’ Life Care and Environmentally Friendly Natural Burial:Ash Burial 【VIDEO】