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Leverage the available resources of the Buddhist Studies School and the Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School, to promote some integrated projects with internal and external collaborations through our facilitated platforms that aids to exchange and establish linkages of multi-faceted research undertakings, as followed a so-called “wave-like circumferential radiated” path of the spiritual environmentalism development. In exploring the future trends of human progress, the “intelligence, life, community, society, environment” qualities are investigated in order to develop some ideal form and executable plans which incorporated the interdependence and co-existence of such qualities. Precisely, to understand the possible integral role of the Buddhist meditative practice in enhancing human wellbeing, happy life, community development, social construction, environmental protection and so on. In conjunction to transform research findings into varies courses and learning resources, as such conducting a mandated course for the postgraduate freshmen known as “Mind-Life and Environment Forum”

Future Directions

In response to the future trends of a Post-Industrial society or information society characterized by the accelerated pace of societal transformation, the rapid used of the information and communication amenities in the social milieu and personal life, the advances in life sciences and nanotechnology and their obvious inequality effects on social development. To balance the technological shortcomings, efforts emphasis on humanistic thoughts and values are more perceivable.Our center will integrating resources of allied domestic and foreign organizations to jointly investigate and build the theory, methodology, various research topics and projects underpinnings “mind-life and environment”, in addition to serve as a communal platform and conduit for the exchange and participation of multiple communities and groups toward uplifting the character of humanity, social service, to society, promoting cultural and international development, and building a pure land on earth.