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106 Academic Year’s MLEF’s Speakers

Speaker Title
Dèng Wěi Rén 1. Formation of Buddhist Ethics and Ideal Society【VIDEO】
Shì Huì Mǐn 2. Theory of Mind in Buddhism【VIDEO】
Gū Cóng Yú 3. Mapping the Mind and Protecting the Spiritual Environment【VIDEO】
Wáng Qíng Wēi
Zhèng Chán Néng
4. The International Education Research and Development of Chinese Buddhism based on Dhyāna-Pāramitā :
    Lessons from the Singaporean, European and American Experience
Wáng Běn Zhuàng 5. Impact of Community Empowerment on Societies in Taiwan
Lǐ Guāng Zhōng 6. The Core Concepts, Facilitating Framework and Case Studies of Satoyama Initiative
Cài Bì Kūn 7. Development of Sustainable Communities and Rural Regeneration : Notion, Utility and Practice
Huáng Shū Dé 8. Collective Buying : The Cooperative Economic of Product Consumption
Liào Zhì Wèn 9. “Table in the Paddy” Project